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This time of year is a great time to go for walks to look for signs of Spring or you could find an open space and fly a kite. If the weather is not cooperating go bowling as a family or visit Fun Spot.

Open Spaces

  • Glens Falls City Parks have open space to fly a kite and include City Park, Crandal Park, East Field, Haviland's Cove, Montcalm, Murray Street, and Sagamore Street.
  • Schools have open spaces that can be used when school is not is session and sports are not ongoing.
  • Queensbury offers many parks with open space such as Gurney Lane, Hovey Pond, Hudson River Park, Queensbury School Athletic Facilites, Ridge/Jenkinsville Park, South queensbury Park, West End Park


  • Schools allow usage by residents when school is not in session. Contact your school for more information
  • Freedom Park - Queensbury

Easter Eggs