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Office Of The County Administrator

John Taflan, Warren County Administrator

Duties of the Administrator include:

  • Furnishing data necessary in preparation of the annual budget
  • Computing tax rates for both the county and towns and verification of town budgets
  • Preparing tax rolls and furnishing financial data to the Real Property Tax Services Department
  • Signing tax warrants and filing abstracts of tax levy with the County Treasurer
  • Coordinating informational and advisory services as the Board of Supervisors may require
  • Implementing programs and policies of the Board of Supervisors to promote efficiency
  • Serving as liaison between the Board of Supervisors and several administrative departments
  • Submitting reports and recommendations to the Board of Supervisors, and providing such other assistance as may be requested
  • Performing duties as prescribed by law and directed by the Board of Supervisors
  • Includes Office of Public Affairs, which is responsible for external communications including press releases, email newsletters, social media and county website news sections. Warren County Facebook page can be found here. Our Instagram account is here, and the county Twitter/X page can be found here.

You can contact us at 518-761-6539.

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