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Office Of Community Services (Mental Health)

The Office of Community Services oversees a wide range of services for individuals and families impacted by various disabilities. The majority of funding is State funding that flows from NYS Office of Mental Health, NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services, NYS Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities.

  • In order to be eligible for State aid, counties are mandated under NYS Mental Hygiene Law to have a Director, a Board and to provide for and arrange for services including mental health, substance abuse, and services to the developmentally disabled. Warren and Washington Counties do not directly provide these services, but rather, contract out for services to include the following:

Behavioral Health Services

Services provided include:

  • Adult inpatient and outpatient mental health services, including psychiatric services;
  • Intensive day treatment services;
  • Intensive case management services for children and adults;
  • Mental health services in both Warren and Washington County jails.

Center for Children and Families

Services provided include:

  • Children and family outpatient mental health services;
  • School-based mental health services;
  • In-home mental health services through the Crisis Outreach Program;
  • Family Support Services provides various support services including parent and sibling support and educational groups, parent advocates, respite services, skill-building services, and the adolescent supported work program.

Center for Recovery

Services provided include:

  • Outpatient substance abuse services for adolescents and adults. This includes psychiatric services for individuals prescribed psychotropic medications. Services range in intensity (frequency of services) and structure (individual, group sessions). Vocational services are also available. Center for Recovery staff have been active participants in the development of the County Drug Courts, and provide treatment services to Drug Court participants.

Warren-Washington Association for Mental Health

Services provided include:

  • Adult, child and family outpatient mental health services, including psychiatric services; school-based mental health services; community development and anti-stigma activities;
  • Residential services providing various residential levels of care based on recipient's needs;
  • Supportive Case Management Services for children and adults;
  • Dual Recovery Case Management for indiviuals with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders. Their psychosocial club (South St. Center) provides social and vocational rehabilitation services. The Project Choice Program provides vocational rehabilitation and job coaching services.

Liberty House

Provides vocational and psychiatric rehabilitation to individuals with mental illness and/or developmental disabilities. Services provided include:

  • A psychosocial club focusing intensively on skill building, work readiness skills and benefits coordination services;
  • Provide various day training, rehabilitation and employment services.

Voices of the Heart

Voices of the Heart is a peer-run agency that provides:

  • Peer advocacy and peer support services;
  • Information and referral;
  • A resource center; respite program, regular social activities and a food pantry.

Council for Prevention of Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Provides substance abuse prevention activities throughout the communities of Warren and Washington Counties. Services provided include:

  • Training, consultation and presentations on substance abuse prevention;
  • Information and referral services;
  • Community development and organization around various substance abuse prevention efforts;
  • School and agency-based services providing education and training;
  • Raising public awareness of the need for substance abuse prevention through efforts such as the Underage Drinking Campaign of 2003, the Communities That Care initiative and organization of the Prevention Cooperative, a coalition of interested and involved stakeholders engaged in efforts to reduce substance above in our communities.

Council for Prevention of Alcohol and Substance Abuse also sponsors and operates Youth Court, an effort to reduce delinquent and criminal behavior in youth ages 10-18.

WSWHE Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES)

  • Substance abuse prevention-oriented school-based services.

820 River Street

  • Residential and case management services for individuals with substance abuse disorders.

Community Workshop, Inc. (CWI)

Provides a range of services to individuals with developmental disabilities, including day treatment, day habilitation, clinical, vocational, residential and transportation services.

Prospect Child and Family Center

A licensed diagnostic and treatment center, and fully accredited educational facility offering various services for at-risk and developmentally disabled individuals. Services provided include a range of medical, educational, early intervention, residential, family support and vocational services.

Various community private practitioners

Conduct mental health and substance abuse evaluations that are court ordered by the County Family Court. These evaluations assist in appropriate disposition of cases where mental health and/or substance abuse issues are involved and there is a need for further assessment.

  • The Office of Community Services is also mandated under NYS Mental Hygiene Law to establish a local plan for each of the three disability areas (mental health, substance abuse, developmental disabilities). Local planning processes occur through subcommittees of the Community Services Board. Each disability area has its own subcommittee, which meets quarterly to engage in resource and needs identification, prioritization of needs, and establishment of a local annual plan, within state agency guidelines. The subcommittees are comprised of members of the Community Services Board, provider agency representatives, state agency representatives, and consumers/recipients of services. The subcommittees also provide an avenue for periodic review of the plan, discussion of any changes in community needs as the year progresses and an opportunity for networking and discussing various changes within the state funding and oversight agencies and within the local provider community.

The majority of the funding for the services that we oversee is 100% State funding that flows through the NYS Office of Mental Health (OMH), the NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS), and the NYS Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities (OMRDD). These are State dollars that provide jobs and contribute significantly to our local economy. In 2002, our contract agencies had gross expenditures of over $16.5 million dollars in Warren County alone. The County's direct funding for the services provided in 2002 was approximately $52,000.