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Coronavirus 2019


Warren County Public Health continues to make Novel Coronavirus -19 (COVID-19) response activities a top priority.  There continues to be community spread of the COVID-19 virus in Warren County.  Therefore, efforts to reduce transmission of the virus through contact tracing, mandatory quarantine and isolation orders and encouragement of the use of non-pharmaceutical interventions (social distancing, wearing masks, hand hygiene) by the public are ongoing.

Warren County Public Health is also working closely with nursing homes, schools, businesses, religious groups and community organizations to ensure our community partners receive, understand and implement New York State Department of Health COVID-19 required safety protocols.

Testing for COVID-19 remains a critical piece of reducing its spread in the community.  Warren County Public Health has worked closely with Glens Falls Hospital, Hudson Headwaters Health Network, and other medical providers in the County to improve the availability of COVID-19 testing in our area.  Although the ability to test for COVID-19 in our area has improved dramatically since the start of the pandemic there is always room for improvement.  That is why Warren County Public Health continues to work closely with our healthcare partners to improve testing capabilities in our area and share relevant information as quickly as possible.

Finally, to ensure that the progress that has been made against COVID-19 isn't lost Warren County Public Health has several initiatives that are ongoing.  Warren County Public Health staff is actively monitoring travelers to our region from States with high rates of COVID-19 transmission to make sure they quarantine for 14 days upon arrival as required by the New York State Department of Health.  Warren County Public Health has also partnered with local municipalities which conduct COVID-19 safety compliance checks at businesses and location throughout the County.  These checks ensure businesses are educated about and following the COVID-19 operating requirements from New York State Department of Health.

For the most up-to date COVID-19 statistics please go to  For information about Warren County and COVID-19 contact the Warren County Public Health Department at 518-761-6580.  Stay home. Stay safe!