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Warren County Department of Motor Vehicles

The Warren County Department of Motor Vehicles serves as agent to the New York State Commissioner of Motor Vehicles. For all information about the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles and its services, kindly visit the department's website at: The site is extensive!

WARREN CO. DMV  9/20/2022

We look forward to expanding walk-in services - October 2022. And Remember: Plan for your EDL or Real ID to meet May 2023 travel requirements.

Our latest DMV update:  And yes…we thank you for your positive response to our Appointment Program!

The Warren County DMV is a full-service motor vehicle office working as agent to the NYS DMV Commissioner, Mark J.F. Schroeder.  Please note the following in our effort to serve all DMV customers safely and in a timely, efficient manner. 


Due to high volume activity, summer season, and NYS DMV’s  increased emphasis on REAL ID (deadline – MAY 3, 2023!), please follow our appointment schedule!

Appointments:   M-F 8:15 a.m – 4 p.m.  For best and most timely service.  Required for all transactions (see limited walk-in option).  To schedule on-line: .  Select transaction type;  dates, available times and info are then provided.  Please come prepared with all required forms and supporting documents.   Most appointments are same or next day!

Walk-In Customers:  Limited to Plate Surrenders ($1).  Walk-ins are accommodated behind scheduled appointments. Dropbox also available. 

QUICK APPOINTMENT TIPS:  If available, it will show on the calendar for that day.  If no openings, then that day will not appear.  Check again the next day.    Here’s how:

  2. Read Booking Policy.  Click ok.
  3. Select Service type (most are 15 min appts; CDL 45 min.) 
  4. Read the Description of what is required located on right side of page.  Includes documents to bring.
  5. Select time.    Note:  If you select a time that is not available, it will tell you to select another time.
  6. Complete all appointment info.
  7. Check send email and text reminders.
  8. Click Book Appointment.  Keep your appt reminders handy at home!
  9. Reminder should come to you day before your appointment.  If you need to cancel, please do so (this will open  up the time slot for another customer). 
  10. Arrive 5 min before, check at security. No masks required if fully vaccinated.   Have all your required documents.  Security will escort you.

 General Booking Policy:

  • Write down your appointment info OR request a text message or email back to you with the info: date and time.  If you need to cancel, you can do this on the Setmore system just as you did for scheduling…put in your name and it will search for your appointment; then will give you the option to cancel.  
  • Be timely.  Arrive 5 minutes early; security will greet you and allow you to enter when appropriate.
  • Late arrivals may not be allowed to enter. This will be determined by DMV Senior staff.
  • Be Prepared.  Complete all required information when scheduling your appointment.
  • Review all transaction requirements at  Bring all required forms and documentation.   Lack of proper identification will require a new appointment.
  • Appointment is limited to the scheduled transactions.
  • Appointments are limited to customer only; to ensure adequate seating, refrain from having additional parties in your company unless necessary (parents for permits, small children, personal care/health needs).
  • Cancel if ill or if you have a conflict.  Otherwise, honor your appointment.
  • Cancellation, text, email notices re: your appointment are included in .  Please use.
  • While there may be a box for you to write an email, please note:  these are one way, and do not allow us to respond back.  If you must contact us, (518) 761-6438 – leave a message  

Our DMV telephone message line – (518) 761-6438 (8 am - 4 pm) - has been updated to include the online appointment scheduling information. IMPORTANT:THIS IS VOICEMAIL.YOU MUST LEAVE A MESSAGE IF YOU WISH A CALL BACK: name, telephone number, and a very brief message.  Speak clearly and slowly in order that we can return the call. We can also help you make an appointment when we speak with you!    Please note:  Call volume has been extremely high. We are doing our best to return your call same day! Your patience appreciated.

4.     Transaction Options:  The Warren Co. DMV currently provides the following services with approximate times:

Out of State Registrations/ Transfers /Licenses:  15 min

Enhanced (EDL & Real ID): 15 min

Permit D or M:  30 min

Vehicle Registration:  15 min

License Renewal/Amendments:  15 min

License & Non-Driver ID:  15 min

Conditional/Restricted Licenses:  30min

Consultation:  15 min

Permit Test Commercial (CDL):  45 min 

Abstracts of Driving Record/Plate Surrender:  15 min


MV-44: License Application Form: for all licensing transactions, replacement/lost, renewals, upgrades, permits, Non-Driver ID

ID-44:How to apply for licenses, proofs for regular, Real ID, EDL

MV-82:Vehicle Registration/Title Application forms: MV-82 for vehicles, trailers, atv’s

MV-82B Boat Registrations/Title Application

  1. Drop Box (DMV entrance) is available for the following:

Plate surrenders (with $ 1 fee)

License Renewals with completed eye test form

Registration Renewals (Pink envelopes)

Payment by Check only, no credit cards: Payable to: Warren Co. Clerk

These also may be sent in by mail.

Note:  IMPORTANT:  We cannot mail license plates back to the customer; pickup can be arranged.   

Dealers:  M-F 8:15 – 3:45.  Drop off at Welcome Window. Dealer Pass required.  

Forms and selected transactions available on-line at NYS DMV:  . Check out the new online Permit Tests for Driver and Motorcycles (not CDL). Passing results are sent to DMV; when approved come to the DMV to finish the process and have DMV photo taken.

More information, please visit the Warren Co. website:


Bear right as you enter the property, follow signs for County Clerk-DMV Public Parking.

The parking lot is handicapped accessible with designated parking spaces and ramp.


(518) 761-6438: (8am - 4pm) Leave Name, Telephone, and brief message. 

Please note: we are experiencing extremely high volume at this time. We will try to be as timely in our return calls as possible.


Full-service windows; also Dealer, and Welcome Window (intake, scheduled tests and all appointments).

Drop Box for DMV. Kiosk for most popular forms and manuals.

NEW HOURS: 8:15 - 4:00 Monday - Friday, except legal holidays.

All transactions by appointment which can be done online at:

See Appointment information. NOTE: Plate surrenders, walk in or dropbox.

Popular DMV Forms:


  • Cash
  • Check (pre-printed with telephone numbers, payable to: "Warren Co. Clerk"
  • Credit Cards:
    • VISA
    • Master Card
    • American Express
    • Discover

On behalf of the entire staff at the Warren County Clerk's Office and Dept. of Motor Vehicles, please know that your cooperation as we return to our new normal is  greatly appreciated. Rest assured, we will do our very best for you. Be Safe, Be Well.

Pamela J. Vogel, Warren County Clerk (5/4/2022)

And remember - Each transaction processed at Warren County DMV generates 12.7% in revenue for Warren County!