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The Treasurer’s Office is responsible for administering the financial affairs of Warren County. The continuing objectives of this office are to improve financial accounting and reporting systems; to provide improved services to County departments and State and Federal agencies; to improve services to the public.

Statement from the Treasurer

County Treasurer Photo

The Warren County Treasurer’s Office is responsible for administering the fiscal affairs of the County. Our staff is dedicated to our citizens and strives to provide the public and our agencies alike with the highest level of professionalism. Through a wide range of services including the collection and disbursement of funds, this office is able to aid its customers while monitoring and reporting the County’s fiscal health.

Under my Administration, the philosophy of the Treasurer’s Office will continue to be one of safe guarding the taxpayer’s monies and implementing cost effective strategies whenever and wherever possible. I welcome ideas and input from the public and look forward to improving the financial outlook for Warren County.