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Emergency Response and Preparedness

The Warren County Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response program is tasked with planning for large scale public health events that could potentially harm Warren County residents. Dangerous public health events include natural disasters, man-made disasters, naturally occurring disease outbreaks, biological or chemical attacks and even radiological events.

Warren County Public Health works with local, state and federal partners to identify potential hazards to the community, implement mitigation strategies to reduce the impact of a public health event and to determine strengths and weaknesses to our response capabilities.

Warren County Public Health is responsible for a number of plans including Public Health Asset Distribution Plan, Medical Countermeasures Clinical Operations Plan, Isolation and Quarantine Plan and the Public Health Emergency Response and Preparedness Plan to name a few.  Warren County Public Health relies on content experts from our partners to endure our planning efforts are in line with the current best practices depending on the size, scope and type of emergency that occurs.  Regular drills and exercises are conducted to identify areas for improvement.

The plans build the foundation for the responsive activities of Warren County Public Health staff and its partners.  Plans are reviewed annually and adjusted based on lessons learned from regular drills and exercises that test our abilities to respond to specific events.

Contact Warren County Public Health  at 518-761-6580 for more information about Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program.

Be Prepared

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FREE Online Emergency preparedness Classes from University at Albany School of Public Health

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Ebola Information

Free New York State Department of Health Ebola Information Hotline (1-800-861-2280) for the General Public - New York State Department of Health has established a State Information line to answer questions about Ebola. 1-800-861-2280 is free and trained operators are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.This line is for public health information purposes only. If you require medical attention, you should call your health care provider or 9-1-1 immediately. Information is also available on the NYSDOH Ebola website

Ebola Information for Healthcare Providers - providers please visit the NYSDOH Public Website Ebola page which includes frequently asked questions (FAQs). Additional questions, not included in FAQs, may be submitted to for inclusion in the FAQs.

Proper use of PPE for Working with Suspect Ebola Patients The video link provides a demonstration on how to properly Don and Doff Personal Protective Equipment for Suspect Ebola Patients

General Ebola Information from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention