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Admission Criteria

To be considered for placement the applicant needs to meet the following requirements:

  • Independent ambulation (walker, cane, wheelchair, rollator) and able to propel on their own.
  • Independent transferring from a chair to a bed, bed to chair, and chair to a toilet.
  • Continent of bowel and bladder or able to manage incontinence.
  • Diabetics need to be able to perform their own glucoscans, inject their own insulin, and read their sliding scale, if necessary.
  • Need to be able to manage their own Oxygen (change tubing, filters, water, switch from tank to concentrator, adjust settings on equipment, etc.).
  • Are not a potential danger or a risk to themselves or others.
  • Not at risk to wander
  • Are not physically or verbally aggressive
  • Have a current Medical Evaluation prior to admission and a PPD no more than 30 days prior to admission.
  • Establish residency in Warren County or have an agreement for their home county to pay in full for their entire length of stay.

Generally, we do not admit applicants who:

  • Require Rehab
  • Require a Secured Dementia/Alzheimer's Unit
  • Have a serious Mental Illness