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Is adoption the option for you?

Adoption is a decision for the entire family. Talk to your family about what it might be like. Since most New York State children available for adoption are in foster care, talk to others who have adopted children formerly in foster care. Consider the personal resources you and your family would bring to the new relationship. Consider the community resources available to support your decision - school and medical personnel, support groups, friends, and neighbors.

There are many ways for you to experience caring for children who need a loving adult. Many people become foster parents; some serve as volunteers with a child welfare agency before adopting.

Warren County offers orientation and training to those interested in fostering and adopting. The agency Home Finder can answer questions about adoption, and you can begin to decide whether adoption is the best option for you and your family.

For more information about the adoption process in New York State please visit the Office of Children and Family Services website or contact Adoption Home Finder at (518) 761-7650.