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Correspondence - County Clerk

2013 Bicentennial Celebration


Date Description of Correspondence
12/2/26 Cover note to F. Weston from Thomas Archibald regarding receipt of two deeds of Nathan Tripp for recording.
9/8/29 Note from Levi Brannack to Lent F. Harriss regarding oxen and wagon.
1/25/39 Accounts of Thomas Archibald for 1839-1842
7/3/39 Letter from Joseph Mead to Thomas Archibald regarding settlement of case of father
3/13/41 Note from H. Peck & Co. endorsing payment on note of L. Jenks
4/2/41 Letter from John H. Darling regarding mortgage of Joseph Russell & Stephen Griffin to Simon Hough
6/4/41 Receipt from Samuel G. Goodman on John Davis by Ira Haven
9/18/41 Receipt of Thomas Archibald for cash paid by Trustees Bolton School Dist. 20, signed by Cary Jenkins
2/10/42 Letter from William T. Baker regarding chattel mortgage, mentions Mr. Starbuck & Mr. Beach
3/1/42 Letter from Jared S. Weed regards judgments or mortgages on property of Orry Martin to Jeremiah Russell, mentions G. Rockwell, Mr. Hakes
3/4/42 Letter from Nehemiah Sheldon asking clerk to forward any deeds of Mr. Comstock or lease of Jeremiah Briggs
3/22/42 Letter from James Mc Call asking clerk to search judgments, mortgages or incumbrances against Jeremiah Russell
7/18/42 Letter from Jonathan Skinner, Clerk of Clinton Co., NY regarding deed of G.R.J. Bowdoin of New York City
8/6/42 Receipt from C. Dewey & G. Bradley for discharging judgment against J. Brown, mentions Peck, & Nelson Bishop
10/8/42 Receipt for Insurance by Montgomery County Mutual Insurance Co.signed by R.P. Clarkon unspecified property
10/31/42 Letter from Ira Paddock requesting search for liens, mortgages on land of Peleg Brown, mentions Orange Ferriss
11/1/42 Note from Amasa Burt to Mr. Waldrum regards account owed
11/3/42 Letter from G.R.J. Bowdoin regards recording of deed on assignment
11/24/42 Note from John Higson to Ebenezer Hovey instructing him to deliver to Co. Clerk hay stored in his barn.
11/25/42 Letter from Halsey Rogers requesting William Harris to vacate property
3/31/43 Letter from Edward Coles regards deed forwarded by Saratoga Co. clerk on property from John Bruce to Charles Bruce.
4/8/42 Letter from Ira Paddock asking clerk for search of liens, mortgages against David Tillotson, also requests a subpoena against Leonard Hartman in case of Bastardy brought by Julia Murray & Superintendent of Poor
6/8/43 Letter from C. Ellis regards mortgage sale regards lands received by John Cramer in Sheriff's sale, also mentions Seneca Fairchild & Elisha Danforth.
7/24/43 Receipt from George Robinson for quarter of beef paid by Co. Clerk
8/12/43 Receipt from Thos. Archibald for $5 due William Kern for note from Hall & Foster
11/6/43 Note from B.J. Clark requesting search for judgments or mortgages against Leonard Munger
2/1/44 Accounts of Abial Burdick apparently for payments on judgments against Joel Dexter, George Peer, Caleb Brown, John Vance & Warren Hammond
10/17/45 Letter of transmittal od deeds from G.R. J. Bowdoin of New York
2/18/45 Note from Thos. Archibald to Job Beadleston vouching that Margaret Martindale is good for 1500 of hay and asking for delivery by 5/15/45
3/19/45 Request from J.E. Taylor for search of multiple mortgages: Aaron Putnam to David Champlin; Aaron Putnam to Geo. Burr & Chas. Beadleston to Jno. Burr
3/22/45 Letter from William, Raymond & Woodbury requesting search of deeds & mortgages on lands of Royal & Hiram Hall to Stephen Leggett
3/29/45 Receipt from Simon Truesdell, Commissioner of Highway of Queensbury to Clerk for $1.25 allowing for services for road damage
3/29/45 Letter from John M. Cahill requesting search of lands of Joseph Wicks to James O'Reilly, mntions George Sturtevant
4/5/45 Letter from J.E. Taylor regarding Lis Pendens filed in chancery court, mentions Jacob Lane, Jeremiah Briggs, Aaron Putnam & Henry Philo
6/7/45 Letter from J.E. Taylor requesting search of lands for deed & mortgages, mentions: Abraham Van Duzen, Jno. Burr, Isaac Smith, Asahal Vaughan, Benj. Fuller, Henry Philo, Timothy Brown, Samuel Farr, Andrew Lewis, & Edwin Weed
9/16/45 Letter from Charles Edwards regards lands, mortgages & judgments against Henry Hoyt
9/25/45 Letter from J.E. Taylor requesting a search of deeds & mortgages of lands of Horace Taylor to Jonathan Burr
10/2/45 Letter from W.W. Perine requesting search of liens against Zina Ogden lands to Lewis Newman
10/3/45 Letter from J.H. Rice requesting recording of deed
10/9/45 Letter from J.E. Taylor filing lis pendens, mentions Jacob Lane, Horace B. Taylor & Abraham Weaver
10/15/45 Misc. account noting two court cases
11/21/45 Letter from J. Stevenson requesting abstract of deeds, mortgages of lands of Col. B. Van Benthuysen & Samuel Van Benthuysen
12/1/45 Letter from Abial Burdick regarding payments on judgment against George Peer
1/8/46 Letter from Bethuel Peck asking for search of liens & mortgages of lands of George Champlin
1/22/46 Letter from Rosekrans & Ferriss asking for copy of deed executed by Jeremy, George & Betsey Rockwell to Thos. L. Ostrom, also pleading in Smith v. Morgan, Roberts & Hawley Bridge Commissioners
2/11/46 Letter from Rosekrans & Ferriss requesting copy of deed by Henry Wilcox to Henry R. Beach
2/25/46 Letter from W.D. MC Carty requesting the return of a deed
2/25/46 Letter from E.V. Joice of NYC requesting the recording of a conveyance
2/25/46 Letter from Jonas Wicks requesting the return of a deed of John Artcher
3/27/46 Note from Thos. Archibald & John Sherrill to John Haviland regarding a home lot in Hague, sent via Ellison Dickinson
4/17/46 Receipt from William Wood acknowledging receipt of $2 on the execution in the hands of R.J. Stafford
4/17/46 Unsigned note regarding amount due W. Wood in the Harris judgment
4/20/46 Note from Winfield S. Sherwood requesting Thos. Archibald to pay Nehemiah Shaw $30 on Court House work
4/30/46 Letter from A. Wilder requesting an execution be issued against E.H. Rosekrans
5/8/46 Letter from Halsey R. Wing requesting a search against lands of James Palmeter, John H. Palmeter & Nehemiah Sheldon
5/25/46 Letter from Jonathan Hulbert of Saratoga Spgs regarding affaidavits filed on foreclosure of mortgage of Isaac J. Knapp, property purchased by James Canagan
5/25/46 Letter from S.E. Church requesting a search of judgments, deeds & mortgages against Seth Baldwin
6/22/46 Note from Uriah Irish of Fort Ann dated 5/30/1846 asking Clerk to pay Polly Irish or bearer a judgment against Messrs Ward & Dalrymple
7/1/46 Letter from J. & H. Harris regarding execution issued to Sheriff Bowen in Giles Sanford v. Orange Fenton

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