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Naturalization: Petition

2013 Bicentennial Celebration



Dates:  1907 - 5/31/1955

Location: Warren County Records Storage & Archives.

Format:  Bound volumes (12"x18") and post binders (8 1/2" x 11") of preprinted forms with handwritten or typed entries

Arranged:  Chronological/Numeric

Volume:    3 cubic ft;  13 volumes

Department: County Clerk

Legal Restrictions: None

Use Restrictions: Staff will access all records and must approve all requests for copies.

Historical Background:

The process of conferring citizenship, authorized under federal statute in 1790 and 1802, was among the earliest responsibilities of the our court system.  In New York State, courts of records included Common Pleas and the Supreme and County Courts.  Beginning with the establishment of Warren County in 1813 and continuing through 1955, aliens appeared before the court presenting Declarations of Intent as well as Final Papers i.e. Petitions, Witness Affidavits, and Oaths of Allegiance.

Description of Record Series:

Bound volumes (12"x18") and post binders (8 1/2 x 11") of preprinted forms (produced by the Immigration & Naturalization Service of Dept. of Labor, later Dept. of Justice) with handwritten or typed entries and containing the following detailed information:  name, prior and current address, birthplace and date, marital/family  status, port and date of entry, ship's name; witness certification of petitioner's character; certificate of naturalization data, including entry of certificate number, court and filing information.  May include attachments i.e. photograph of petitioner, certificate of arrival, copy of declaration of intent.  Arranged in date order/numeric order, 12 volumes, # 1-1043, with 14 petitions filed in final year Jan. 1-May 31, 1955.  Volumes may also contain reference information / correspondence from the Dept. of Labor/Dept. of Justice regarding naturalization procedures.  OCA  Schedule # 21020.

Purpose of Record:

Defined as being the final papers, including support documentation, submitted by an alien to the court of record requesting admission as a citizen of the United States.

Other Formats:  None

Finding Aids:  Self-contained index with name & page number included in each volume.  Series location in inventory database.

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