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Fraud Alert Program



The Warren County Clerk’s Office is providing a free new tool to help property owners protect

one of their most valuable assets.  We are grateful to Search IQS for providing this option to our residents thru our IQS-hosted website!

With FRAUD ALERT,  individuals can sign up to receive alerts whenever a document, such as a deed or mortgage, is recorded under their name.  Documents can be viewed online or at the Warren County Clerk’s Office. 

Online access is:   (Click on the blue button to access the online public records website.) 

Sign up for FRAUD ALERT is available at: .  

Follow prompts; include name and email address.  Be sure to select WARREN COUNTY NEW YORK from the location drop down!

Please note:  There may be other property owners in Warren County who share the same name.  Review documents carefully! 

In addition, the office continues to provide mailed notices on residential deed conveyances recorded with the Warren County Clerk.

We trust these efforts will continue to ensure, for our residents, the security of Warren County Clerk’s Public Records!