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Sergeant John Howse - Unit Supervisor
518-743-2500, option 3
Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Closed weekends and legal holidays.


The Civil Office is responsible for the delivery of civil process and the execution of civil orders and mandates issued not only by and for the several non-criminal courts of the state and its subdivisions, but also for the legal community and the general public. Departmental and divisional policies and procedures are consistent with New York State and court case law as provided under the NYS Civil Practice Law and Rules. This office operates with a staff of a sergeant, two officers and two support staff.

All fees & mileage are payable in advance. You must send the proper type and quantity of process as indicated, with the correct fees & mileage, with a letter of instruction in order for the papers to be processed. Omissions errors, illegibility, untimeliness, etc. will prevent your papers from being docketed with our office. 

Full and complete addresses including zip codes are required. Acceptable forms of payment include cash, check or money order. Please note that we do not accept credit or debit at this time. Checks should be made payable to the Warren County Sheriff’s Office.

We now accept first and second stage fees at the same time. Please see our Fee Schedule & Mileage Chart below. 

If you have an execution without interest, you must submit the Judgment Creditor Waiver of Interest Form, which will allow this office to process executions without collecting interest or only collecting interest during a specific time frame.  We cannot process those executions without this form.

All Warrant of Evictions must have the proper language that is now required under 749 of the Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law. 14 Day Notices, Notice of Petition & Petition and Warrant of Evictions require the Eviction Information Form to be submitted. 

Please Note: Evictions do not begin in the Civil Office. Please contact an Attorney, Legal Aid or the City, Town or Village Court covering the jurisdiction for your property for further instruction on how to start the Eviction process.

For more information on evictions, visit the NY Court Help site.



Eviction Information Form
Fee Schedule
Mileage Chart
Judgement Creditor Waiver of Interest