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Veteran Affairs Telephone Scam

The Department of Veterans Affairs is warning veterans not to give credit card numbers, bank routing information or any personal and financial information over the phone to callers claiming to update, confirm, or verify VA-related information. VA does not call veterans and ask them to disclose personal financial information over the phone. A veteran targeted by scammers alerted VA, saying that someone called claiming to be with the VA pharmacy and asking a lot of questions. The caller ID indicated that the incoming call was from (888) 555-1234.

There are a number of scams associated with this number, and it's been reported that the callers will call repeatedly and become aggressive. They will claim to be a VA employee and say a medical card has expired and that the veteran must send a check for a certain dollar amount for a renewal. In other versions, the caller says that a bank account is listed on a public computer, and in order to get it removed, the caller needs to verify the veteran's bank information. Be leery of any calls originating from this number. VA has not changed its process for dispensing prescriptions or for enrollment. For additional information, please call 518/761-6342 or email our office.