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Warren County Tobacco Asset Securitization (W-TASC) documents released



2024 Board of Directors, Officers and Staff below:

Kevin B. Geraghty, Chairman, Board of Directors & President/CEO
Phone: 518.623.9511

Christine V. Norton, Vice President
Phone: 518.761.6379

Mike Wild, Board Member

Frank Thomas, Secretary, 518.696.3975

James Brock, Board Member
Phone: 518.793.9071

Robert V. Lynch II, Treasurer
Phone: 518-761-6380


2024 Annual Meeting Notice:

The next W-TASC Annual Meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 8, 2024 in the Warren County Municipal Center Board Room.

2024 Annual Meeting Agenda.V2.7.1.26.pdf

2023 Annual Report

2023 Financial Statements Independent Auditors Report

2023 PARIS Reports
2023 Financial Statements Independent Auditors Report
2023 Annual Report for WarrenTobaccoAssetSecuritizationCorporation (2).pdf
2023 Budget Report for WarrenTobaccoAssetSecuritizationCorporation.pdf
2023 Certified Financial Audit for WarrenTobaccoAssetSecuritizationCorporation.pdf
2023 Investment Report for WarrenTobaccoAssetSecuritizationCorporation.pdf
2023 Procurement Report for WarrenTobaccoAssetSecuritizationCorporation.pdf2023 Board Report on Internal Control.pdf
2023 Board Report on Measurement.pdf
2023 Board Report on Operations and Accomplishments.pdf
2023 WTASC Minutes.pdf
Audit Committee Charter.pdf
Governance Committee Charter.pdf
WTASC Board Org Chart.pdf
WTASC Bylaws.12.12.12.pdf
WTASC Mission Statement.12.14.20.pdf

2022 Financial Statements Independent Auditors Report

2021 Financial Statements Independent Auditors Report

2021 PARIS Budget Report

2020 Financial Statements Independent Auditors Report

2020 PARIS Budget Report

2019 PARIS Budget Report

2018 PARIS Budget Report

2017 Audit Internal Control Letter
2017 Financial Statements Independent Auditors Reports
2017 PARIS Budget Report

2016 Audit Internal Control Letter
2016 Financial Statements Independent Auditors Reports
2016 PARIS Budget Report

2015 Audit Internal Control Letter
2015 Financial Statements Independent Auditors Reports
2015 PARIS Budget Report

2014 Audit Internal Control Letter
2014 Financial Statements Independent Auditors Reports
2014 PARIS Budget Report

2013 Audit Internal Control Letter
2013 Financial Statements Independent Auditors Reports
2013 PARIS Budget Report

2012 Audit Internal Control Letter
2012 Financial Statements Independent Auditors Reports
2012 PARIS Budget Report

2011 Audit Internal Control Letter
2011 Financial Statements Independent Auditors Reports
2011 PARIS Budget Report

2010 Audit Internal Control Letter
2010 Financial Statements Independent Auditors Reports
2010 PARIS Budget Report

2009 Audit Internal Control Letter
2009 Audit Results
2009 Financial Statements Independent Auditors Reports
2009 PARIS Budget Report