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Warren County opens website to report COVID-19 tests


Warren County Public Health has created a new online portal for Warren County residents to report positive COVID-19 "at-home" rapid antigen tests remotely.

This new portal can be found at It will be live as of 8 a.m. Monday, January 10th.

Warren County residents who receive a COVID-19 positive test result on an FDA-approved at home test are asked to report their information on this HIPAA-compliant web portal to streamline response amid a record surge of new COVID-19 infections.

The person reporting the test will need to provide a phone number, home address and email address as well as test date and date that symptoms began. They will receive an email confirmation and be provided with links to online information detailing isolation/quarantine guidelines and Warren County COVID-19 resources, and followup phone or email contact from Public Health or New York State staff.

If testing positive through a home-test, please isolate for 5 days and leave isolation after 5 days only if symptoms have improved. Please a tight-fitting mask for an additional 5 days when venturing into public afterward. Notify any close contacts of your illness as well.

Reporting positive tests promptly is important to determine whether treatment is recommended. Warren County Public Health strongly recommends that those who test positive for COVID-19 contact their medical provider as well.

Those who receive a positive test on an at-home test but do not have internet access should report their test result to Warren County Health Services via phone to 518-761-6580.