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RE-OPENING Gym and Fitness Centers

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The State of New York is allowing the re-opening of indoor activities at gyms and fitness centers on Monday, August 24th, subject to a mandatory inspection of your facility by Warren County Health Services and/or its designees. Warren County would like to get you up and running as soon as New York State is allowing you to do so.

To make that happen, Warren County is announcing the following application process:

1) All gyms/fitness centers wishing to re-open indoor activities MUST APPLY to do so by sending an email to This communication is ESSENTIAL in order to open you for business, and also to schedule the county inspection that your facility will need to stay open. Who does this apply to? All fitness activities and facilities that wish to operate indoors, including but not limited to: standalone, hotel, residential, and office gyms and fitness centers; gyms and fitness centers in higher education institutions; yoga/Pilates/barre studios; boxing/kickboxing gyms; fitness boot camps; CrossFit or other plyometric boxes; and any other group fitness classes (e.g., spin, rowing, dancing).

2) Your application email to must include two simple things, and Warren County will give you the go-ahead to open after you provide these two things:
a. Contact info for your facility, including owner/operator/manager’s name.
b. Proof that you have read and affirmed the New York State Department of Health’s Interim Guidance for Gyms & Fitness Centers. You will need to click the link at the end to fill out the affirmation form. After you fill out the form, the screen will indicate that NYS received your submission. Either take a screenshot and attach it, or print the screen and scan it into an attachment.

3) Warren County staff will monitor applications coming into this email account. When we receive your application and verify that it is complete, we will contact you and give you the official go-ahead to open. Call us at 518-761-6539 if you’re having a problem submitting your application email, or if you’ve done so and haven’t heard back from us.

4) Warren County will schedule your inspection during the first 14 business days that you are open, and we will notify you of the date and time. Your inspection will involve a site visit by county personnel who will complete a checklist, and you will be provided a copy of this checklist before inspection. You will need to provide the inspector with a copy of your written Safety Plan and signed affirmation forms attesting to your compliance with specific requirements outlined in the New York State Department of Health’s Interim Guidance for Gyms & Fitness Centers  Warren County will provide you with copies of these forms in advance so you’re not seeing them for the first time at your inspection.

5) A successful inspection means you’re cleared by Warren County to stay open, as long as New York State keeps your industry open. Be advised that the State is considering this a “pilot phase” to monitor compliance of owners/operators of gyms and fitness centers with all guidance and to assess the public health conditions associated with gym and fitness center reopening, including any changes in COVID-19 transmission.