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2021 Standing & Special Committee Meetings

The monthly meeting information of the Board of Supervisors Standing Committees are also available below. To see past committee meetings for committees that have been consolidated, you can visit the archived committee meetings.

Note: 1st person - Chair; 2nd person - Vice-Chair. Click on a committee to view the information for that committee.

  • BUDGET - THOMAS, Geraghty, Diamond, Bruno, Beaty, Magowan and Frasier
  • COUNTY FACILITIES (including Airport, Buildings & Grounds, Fire Prevention & Building Code Enforcement, Weights & Measures) - MAGOWAN, Bruno, Wild, Shepler and Strough
  • CRIMINAL JUSTICE (including Offices of District Attorney, Probation, Public Defender, Assigned Counsel and Courts) - SHEPLER, Diamond, Strough, Driscoll and Leggett
  • ECONOMIC GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT (including Planning & Economic Development, Employment & Training Administration) - HOGAN, Wild, Frasier, Strough, Leggett, Geraghty and Merlino
  • EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE - BEATY, Braymer, Geraghty, Thomas, Magowan, Shepler, Hogan, Dickinson, Smith, Frasier, Driscoll, Diamond, Conover
  • FINANCE (including County Administrator and County Treasurer) - BEATY, Thomas, McDevitt, Merlino, Braymer, Diamond and Bruno
  • GOVERNMENTAL OPERATIONS & ADVOCACY (includes Board of Elections, County Clerk/DMV, Purchasing) - BEATY, Leggett, Wild, Conover and Smith
  • HEALTH SERVICES (including Mental Health, Office for the Aging and Public Health) - FRASIER, McDevitt, Conover, Hogan and Strough
  • HUMAN SERVICES (including Department of Social Services, Countryside Adult Home, Youth Programs and Veterans’ Services) - DRISCOLL, Magowan, Dickinson, Smith and Frasier
  • PERSONNEL, ADMINISTRATION & HIGHER EDUCATION (including SUNY Adirondack, Auditor, Civil Service, Human Resources, Clerk of the Board, and County  Attorney, Information Technology, Self-Insurance) - BRAYMER, Geraghty, Driscoll, Conover and Magowan
  • PUBLIC SAFETY(including Office of Emergency Services, Sheriff & Communications) - DIAMOND, Magowan, Braymer, Frasier and Shepler
  • PUBLIC WORKS (including DPW, Parks, Recreation & Railroad, Warren County Sewer, Solid Waste & Recycling) - CONOVER, Dickinson, Thomas, Bruno and Hogan
  • TOURISM & OCCUPANCY TAX COORDINATION - GERAGHTY, Merlino, Braymer, Wild, Hogan, Beaty and Strough

Special Committees

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