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Warren County holds COVID vaccine clinic

Warren County Health Services staff administered their first round of COVID-19 vaccines Saturday at a clinic for individuals in New York State’s “Phase 1A” group.

The clinic was by invitation for the various priority groups in Phase 1A of the distribution process, using 100 doses of vaccine that Warren County received late last week. No adverse reactions were reported.

Warren County Health Services anticipates receiving more doses this week and will schedule clinics accordingly, as New York State expands the list of those eligible to be vaccinated.

"We are glad to be a part of the process to distribute these much-needed vaccines to our colleagues on the front lines of this pandemic," said Warren County Health Services Director Ginelle Jones. "We urge the public to keep up with developments in the vaccination process as doses become more widely available in the coming weeks. Our goal is to vaccinate 100 percent of Warren County to end this health emergency. We are asking everyone to receive the vaccine when it becomes available for their group.”

“It is great news that Warren County has started the vaccination process,” said Frank Thomas, Chairman of the Warren County Board of Supervisors and Stony Creek Town Supervisor. “This is a much-needed glimmer of light at a time when COVID-19 is surging all around us. We all hope this will become very bright sunshine in the weeks ahead as more people are vaccinated for this virus.”

As of Monday, there was no timetable for vaccine distribution to the general public. But Jones said she anticipates that process to start later this winter, after priority groups are completed and more vaccine becomes available.

New York State determines which populations get the vaccine in different phases. Professionals in various phases will be notified when their group becomes eligible.

Until it comes time for all to be vaccinated, Warren County officials ask that residents and visitors continue to take precautions to slow the spread of COVID-19.

“The vaccine is one of two weapons we have against COVID,” Warren County Administrator Ryan Moore said. “The second weapon continues to be the precautions that Warren County residents are taking to mitigate the spread of COVID. Please continue to assume that those you encounter outside your homes have the virus. Wear your mask and socially distance. Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made. We will defeat this virus together.”

To keep up with vaccine developments in Warren County, check this link on the Warren County COVID Hub website.