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July 12 payment deadline for delinquent property taxes


July 12th payment deadline set for tax delinquent property owners in Warren County

WARREN COUNTY, NY -- Warren County property owners who are delinquent on property tax bills should contact Warren County Real Property Tax Services by Friday, July 12th, 2024 to discuss payment arrangements as deadlines approach for the annual tax foreclosure auction.

Warren County property owners who are behind on their taxes and would like to discuss a payment plan should contact Lexie Delurey, Warren County Director of Real Property Tax Services, at 518-761-6466 by 9:00am on July 12th to avoid potential public auction of their property to recoup taxes. The Warren County Board of Supervisors is considering doing away with the annual “last chance” public meeting for tax-delinquent property owners this year in light of dwindling attendance, so arrangements must be made with the Real Property Tax Services Office Director by July 12th.

In addition, Real Property Tax Services staff have visited some tax-delinquent property to begin the process of posting them for the annual property auction. This year’s auction has been scheduled for October 19, 2024 at Warren County Municipal Center.

Find more information here on the Warren County Real Property Tax Services website.