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Development Area 1

Click here to download a PDF of Development Area 1


  • Location: North of Runway 12
  • Current Zoning: Industrial District, 1 Acre Minimum
  • Size: 25 Acres
  • Preferred Development Scenario: Non-Aeronautical Use or Solar
  • Maximum Building Height: Varies Up to 60' (Part 77 Transitional Surface)


  • Public Water: Available on Hicks Road
  • Water Extension: 1,500’
  • Public Sewer: Available on Queensbury Ave
  • Sewer Extension: 7,520’
  • Nearest Substation: 8,623' (Straight Line)
  • Electric: Three-phase Electric Available on Queensbury Ave
  • Telcom: Broadband Available on Queensbury Ave 

Description and Requirements: 

  • Site accessible to Hicks Road Through Development Site 1 and Retains a Forested Before Between Residences on Ridge Road
  • Ideal for Phase Development with Development Site 1 or for Standalone Low Intensity Use (Solar)
  • FAA Approval Requirements:
    • Change of Use Approval
    • Airspace Review
    • Glare Analysis for Solar Development
    • Pen and Ink Change to ALP
    • NEPA Requirements Dependent upon Proposed Development

Area 1