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Our Mission

Aerial photo of water supplyMission Statement

"The District's mission is to implement projects and programs to improve and protect the lakes, streams, and other natural resources of Warren County. Working with municipalities and land owners, the District puts conservation on the land, with cost effective projects benefiting the residents and visitors of this beautiful county." 

The Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District is a technical services organization which provides assistance to municipalities and residents regarding natural resources. Contract funding is provided by Warren County.

  • Services to Residents

    On-site assistance to landowners with regard to resource issues including the following:

    • Erosion and Sediment Control;
    • Tree and Shrub Seedling Program;
    • Drainage Issues;
    • Forest Management;
    • Septic System Inspection;
    • Aerial Photos and Resource Maps;
    • Pond Management.
  • Services to Municipalities

    Assistance to municipalities, as follows:

    • Project Development and Management;
    • Hydroseeding and Power Mulching;
    • Mineland Reclamation Plans;
    • Grant Writing;
    • Lake Management;
    • Rural Fire Protection (Dry Hydrants);
    • Stormwater Management.
  • Conservation Projects

The District has obtained State and Federal grants to undertake numerous conservation and water quality improvement projects throughout Warren County. Examples of these types of projects include streambank protection, stormwater runoff management, fish habitat improvement, wetland improvement, recreation area improvement, and lake management.

By resolution of the Warren County Board of Supervisors, the District is designated as the lead water quality agency in Warren County; the District is also a prominent entity in the Lake George Watershed Conference.