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Community Conservation Program

This year the Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) has funding available for conservation projects for educational purposes or resource protection and we are aiming it towards schools and educational oprganizations. The projects can be far ranging in ideas, but must have tangible outcomes (i.e. miles of hiking trails, native trees and shrubs installed, etc.). 

Project proposals should be related to conservation and/or conservation education. Some examples could include; educational trail construction; educational signage/brochure, native wildflower plantings, wildflower gardens, installation of a rain garden, agriculture, construction/installation of habitat for wildlife or possibly the purchase of an educational model. 

If you have a project idea, opportunity or interest please call our office at 518-623-3119 or contact Dean Moore Reimbursement requests need to be received by the end of November! We look forward to working with schools and educational institutions to put conservation projects into motion. 

We have received some great ideas, but to move forward, we will need to have the proposal forms filled out and approved. Projects may be funded up to $1000. There are limited funds allocated. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Conservation Program Letter 
Application Form