Warren County MS4 Reports

All municipalities regulated under the MS4 program are required to implement Best Management Practices (BMPs) to control stormwater runoff. The purpose of these regulations is to help protect and improve the quality of public waterbodies in more densely populated areas of the state. These regulations outline a large number of tasks (formatted as six "minimum measure") which the municipality must undertake to be in compliance with these mandates.

The six minimum measures which Warren County must undertake consist of the following:

MM1: Public education and outreach
MM2: Public involvement and participation
MM3: Illicit discharge detection and elimination
MM4: Construction site runoff control
MM5: Post construction stormwater management
MM6: Pollution prevention and good housekeeping for municipal operations

For more information visit the Soil and Water website at www.warrenswcd.org

The 2017-2018 Warren County MS4 Report is available here. For questions, comments, concerns please call the Warren County Department of public Works at 518.623.4141, the Warren County SWCD at 518.623.3119.

If see or suspect a spill into the municipal stormwater system, please call the MS4 Hotline at 518. 824.8840

Warren County MS4 Plans

Warren County MS4 Reports

For more information about BMPs for MS4s, Visit U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or NYS DEC

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