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Please note that these census records are available at the New York State Library and many other genealogical libraries including the LDS family history network of libraries. Census indexes are provided for personal research only and may not be reproduced in any electronic or paper format.

Census Records
Town 1875 1905 1925
Bolton 1875_bol_i.pdf    
Caldwell 1875_cld_i.pdf    
Chester 1875_chs_i.pdf    
Glens Falls (prior to 1910 see Town of Queensbury census records)
Hague 1875_hag_i.pdf   1925_hag_i.pdf
Horicon 1875_hor_i.pdf   1925_hor_i.pdf
Johnsburg 1875_jsb_i.pdf    
Luzerne 1875_luz_i.pdf   1925_luz_i.pdf
Queensbury 1875_qby_i.pdf 1905 Index 1925_qby_i.pdf
Stony Creek 1875_stc_i.pdf   1925_stc_i.pdf
Town of Thurman 1875_trm_i.pdf   1925_trm_i.pdf
Warrensburg 1875_wbg_i.pdf   1925_wbg_i.pdf

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