The Warren-Hamilton Counties Office for the Aging prides itself in providing expert information, assistance, and services to older individuals and their caregivers, helping them to maintain their dignity, respect and independence. Most of the services provided have no fee, but you are welcome to make a voluntary contribution. These contributions are used to expand the services and reach more seniors, as is required by grant funding through the New York State Office for Aging, the United States Administration on Aging, and County funds.

There is no obligation, whatsoever, to contribute and services will not be denied to those who do not wish to contribute. Contributions are confidential and the Warren/Hamilton Counties Office for the Aging and its vendors are responsible for protecting the privacy of each recipient of services. Contributions should reflect your own circumstances. Suggested contributions for services are:

Office for the Aging Newsletter $4.00 per year
Caregiver Services - Support & Training $4.00 per session
Home Health Aide $10.00 per hour
Personal Care Level 1 $5.00 per hour
Personal Care Level 2 $6.00 per hour
Transportation $4.00 per ride
Meals $3.00 per meal
Nutrition Counseling $2.00 per hour
Case Management Services $5.00 per month
GFH Medical Alert Service $3.00 per month
HIICAP Insurance Counseling $10.00 per hour
Handyman $5.00 per visit
Legal Services $10.00 per hour
Copies $.05 per visit

If you would like to make a contribution, you may send your contribution to: Warren-Hamilton Counties Office for the Aging, 1340 State Route 9, Lake George, NY 12845. Please make checks payable to: Warren County Treasurer and indicate in the memo line that it is for "OFA" and which service it is for.

Your privacy will always be protected and services will not be denied to anyone who does not contribute. If you have any questions, please give us a call at PH#(518)761-6347 or toll-free at PH#1-888-553-4994. Thank you.


Deanna Park