Dates:  1786 - PRESENT

Location: Warren County Records Storage & Archives.

Format:  Indexes included multiple formats

Arranged: Alphabetically by Name; By Town in Filing Date Order

Volume:    5 cubic ft

Department: County Clerk

Legal Restrictions: None

Use Restrictions: None

Historical Background:

According to the Laws of New York all maps filed in the Office of County Clerk pursuant to Real Property Laws Section 334 must be indexed by the initial letters of principals in the subdivision title.  Our original assessment of the Map Collection revealed the creation of multiple indexes over a period of approximately 70 years -- index cards, small bound volumes with hand-written entries, a Map Index arranged by Town, and ACME Visible Index Wheel introduced in the late 1960.  Many were retrospective in their original creation, others were incomplete, discontinued and, most recently, obsolete.  In 1992, the Clerk's Office began indexing all maps using proprietary software designed for this purpose.  With the assistance of funding from the NYS Local Government Records
Management Improvement Fund, all manual indexes for the period 1992 & earlier have been entered into a separate database and the information made available in both print and electronic format.

Description of Record Series:

Indexes included multiple formats containing names, town, file dates, brief remarks if available, original and reproduction (if available) location.  Most reliable and frequent used Alphabetical A-Z available in ACME Wheel (soon to be retired), Electronic Database, and
Webpage and Map Index By Town (chronological listing).  It is noted that the index may contain certain early maps held in the possession of the Clerk's Office but without official file dates.  CO-2 # 211.

Purpose of Record:

To provide a method of identifying and locating all maps filed in the Office of County Clerk, by providing map name, town name, file dates, and locator information.

Other Formats:  Printed volumes, computer database, archived on CD-ROM.

Finding Aids:  Series on inventory database, archival catalog; print, electronic, and internet webpage available.

Related Series:  Maps - Surveys (Filed), Maps - Documentation, Maps - Surveys (Unfiled), Searches-County, Maps - Reference.