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Innkeepers Recognizance
Record Series Innkeepers Recognizance
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Dates 1813-1833
Location Warren County Records Storage & Archives.
Format Loose Paper in Folders
Arranged Chronological by File Date
Volume .5 cubic ft
Department County Clerk
Legal Restrictions None
Use Restrictions Staff will access all records and must approve all requests for copies
Historical Background The use and distribution of spirits and liquors brought with it significant regulation during the 19th century, and as a result offers much in the way of historical insight into the keeping of inns and taverns during the period. Commissioners of Excise (consisting of the Supervisor and two Town Justices) had the power to grant licenses to innkeepers and tavern owners to sell liquor providing owners met the requisites of the law including being of good, moral character, maintaining an inn with appropriate accomodations, and having all necessary signage in place, fees paid, and filings made. Among the conditions of the recognizance executed in the name of the innkeeper were to maintain an orderly business and to refrain from gaming of any kind, including: cockfighting, cards, dice, billiards, shuffle boards within the inn or its outbuildings! A considerable fee at the time, $ 125, violations would result in forfeiture. Revised Statutes Part 1, Chapter XX, Title 9, Section 1-34 (1836) provides a detailed account of the law and procedures.
Description of Record Series Consists of handwritten or pre-printed documents with handwritten entries, refoldered and boxed into acid-free enclosures, and including a description of the conditions set forth in the bond, the innkeepers name, location, duration, acknowledgment by Justice or Supervisor, and filing information. Varying titles: Innkeepers Bond. OCA Schedule # 20040.
Purpose of Record The creation of a record of licensure to sell liquors and spirits. It was the obligation of the innkeeper to conduct his business in accordance with the laws of excise of the State of New York. A bond or recognizance was executed and delivered by the applicant to the Supervisor and/or Justices of the Town, and filed with the Clerk of the Courts. Failure to adhere to the law would result in forfeiture of the bond.
Other Formats None
Finding Aids This Record Series is indexed (computer and paper format) by name with date, town, entry #. Series location is provided on inventory database.
Related Series Minutes of the Commissioner of Excise, Excise Papers, Bonds and Undertakings, Recognizance. Innkeeper's (Excise) bonds may also be found at the town level.

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