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Civil Actions - Highway
Record Series Civil Actions - Highway
Index Index
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Dates 1926-1943
Location Warren County Records Storage & Archives.
Format Legal Documents with exhibits which may include photographs and maps.
Arranged Case Number order
Volume 5 cubic ft
Department County Clerk
Legal Restrictions None
Use Restrictions Staff will access all records and must approve all requests for copies
Historical Background In 1993, the Warren County Clerk's Office began an aggressive microfilming program which saw the conversion of all Civil Action Case Files created as of 1917 (Case # 1 and continuing) to microfilm. The program was designed for improved space management, security to the record, and more efficient retrieval. While the official copy of record for all Civil Actions c. 1917 to present is the microfilm format, the series designated as "Civil Actions - Highway" actually represents the paper copy of highway-related actions. The paper has been retained as part of the archival project entitled: "Warren County Public Works: An Interdepartmental Approach to Archival Research." Further retention of the paper copy and its usefulness for historical research will be evaluated in the future.
Description of Record Series Legal documents including but not limited to: petitions, complaints, affidavits, correspondence, exhibits (i.e. maps, photographs), orders, final judgments, notices of appeal, with all court and filing date information. OCA Schedule # 20070.
Purpose of Record A record of proceedings brought before the court pertaining to the acquisition of private property for purposes of highway development and improvement. A continuation of the series, "Highway Papers."
Other Formats Microfilm Format--see Warren County Indexing and Retrieval System; also Warren County Microfilm Catalogue.
Finding Aids This Record Series is indexed (computer and paper format) by name with date, town, entry #. Series location is provided on inventory database.
Related Series Warren County Index and Retrieval System; Archival Index to Case #, Highway Name, Date, with exhibit identification; Series location on inventory database

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