Dates: 1814 - 1895

Location: Warren County Records Storage & Archives.

Format:  Collection consists of handwritten and preprinted legal documents of varying sizes

Arranged:  Chronologically by Filing Date

Volume:   5 cubic ft

Department: County Clerk

Legal Restrictions: None

Use Restrictions: Staff will access all records and must approve all requests for copies.

Historical Background:

New York State's court system during the 19th century included a variety of courts, some with overlapping jurisdiction.  Complex, at best, the system was reorganized in 1846, under the 1848 Code of Procedure, and again in by constitutional amendment effective Jan. 1, 1896.  Included in this series are the legal documents of the following: Justice Courts (handed up to the higher courts), Warren County Court, Warren County Courts of Sessions and Oyer & Terminer.  The series, largely reflects the legal proceedings of a criminal nature.  A detailed description of the courts can be found in the Revised Statutes of the Laws of New York - Vol. II, Part III, Ch. 1, (1836).

Description of Record Series:

Collection consists of handwritten and preprinted legal documents of varying sizes, refoldered into acid-free enclosures and containing all information appropriate to the criminal action including: defendant, attorneys, judges/justices, description and title of the action being brought before the court, filing and court information.  Documents may contain multiple pages with many being double-sided (often filing information appearing on the outermost side of the document.  Series are arranged in file date order and include (although not limited to) such legal proceedings as: summons and complaints, examination of witnesses, affidavits, motions, records of the jury.

Purpose of Record:

Defined as the legal records of the Court of Sessions (lower criminal offenses), Court of Oyer & Terminer (felony and high misdemeanors), County Court and those from Justice Court handed to courts of higher jurisdiction and including all relevant criminal case information as submitted to the court for purposes of bringing a defendant to trial.

Other Formats: None

Finding Aids:  Series locations on inventory database.

Related Series: Minutes of the Courts (Sessions, Oyer & Terminer, County) 1813 - 1895, Criminal Indictments, Judgments