Record Series:  INFANT  PAPERS (including Partition Papers)

Dates:  1816 - 1924

Location: Warren County Records Storage & Archives.

Format:  Loose papers in archival folders, early documents are handwritten, later pre-printed.

Arranged:  Chronological

Volume:     4 cubic ft

Department: County Clerk

Legal Restrictions: Restrictions may apply

Use Restrictions: Staff will access all records and must approve all requests for copies.

Historical Background:

Infant papers are the legal documents whereby a minor (under 21 yrs. of age) applies for the sale of real property. The proceedings originally took place in the Warren County Court of Common Pleas (1816-1843). Later proceedings took place in either County Court, Surrogate Court or Supreme Court. The process, under supervision of the Courts, usually involved a petition of a guardian, bonding of the guardian, report of special guardians, referees report or appraisal of the real estate which often includes a description of the property, partition papers (if the property is held by Joint Tenants or Tenants in Common), and an order of appointment of the special guardian. In arranging this record series, we found that the county clerk at the time had filed all partition papers within this series and have chosen to maintain the same. Notable within this collection are papers filed by Peter Smith of Madison Co., NY in 1823.

Description of Record Series:

Handwritten, pre-printed and typed legal documents including petitions, bonds, referees reports, partitions and orders of appointment. This record series contains all early partition papers whether they pertain to minors or not.

Purpose of Record:

To provide a record of sale of real estate owned by minors either individually, as joint tenants or as tenants in common. Also inclused partition papers.

Other Formats: microfilm

Finding Aids: Not indexed.  Series locations on inventory database.

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