Town Phone Directory

For all the numbers listed, the area code is 518.

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Town Municipalities
Entity Phone Number
Supervisor, Ronald Conover 644-2461
Deputy Supervisor, Rob McEwan 644-2461
Town Clerk/Collector, Patricia Steele 644-2444
Deputy Clerk, Penny Cleavland 644-2444
Town Justices
Edward H. Stewart 644-2202; 644-3155
Harry Demarest 644-2202; 644-3155
Justice Clerk, Annette Saris 644-2202; 644-3155
Assessor, David Rosebrook 644-2894
Town Council
Owen Maranville 644-9389
Susan Wilson 644-3056
Rob MacEwan 644-9105
Cheryl Bolton 644-2122
Superintendent of Highways, Timothy Coon 644-9837
Sewer Plant Operator, Chet Dagles 644-2212
Water Plant Operator, John Perry 644-9350
Zoning Administrator, Pamela Kenyon 644-2893
Zoning Enforcement Officer, Mitzi Nittmann 644-2893
Zoning Board of Appeals, Jason Saris 644-2893
Planning Board Chairman, Herbert Koster 644-2893
Town Police, James Neumann 644-9717
Town Historian, Ted Caldwell 644-2343
Animal Control Officer, George Schuster 668-2020
Supervisor, Frederick H. Monroe 494-2711
Deputy Supervisor, Michael Packer 494-3943
Town Clerk/Collector, Patricia Smith 494-5160
Deputy Clerk, Tanya May Office 494-5160
Town Justice, James P. McDermott 494-3133
Justice Clerk, Karen Griffen 494-3133
Attorney for Town, Mark Schachner 793-6611
Assessor, Paul Maniacek 494-3515
Town Council
Michael G. Packer 494-3943
Edna Wells 494-2840
Stephen Durkish 494-2719
Karen DuRose 494-3543
Superintendent of Highways, Jason Monroe 494-2014
Water Superintendent, Jason Monroe 494-2014
Transfer Station Director, John West 494-3952
Board of Assessment Review, Pat Smith 494-5160
Zoning Administrator, Walter Tennyson 494-7369
Zoning Board of Appeals Chairman, Kenneth Marcheselli 251-4400
Planning Board Chairman, Paul Little 494-7856
Animal Control Officer, Florence Converse 494-2163
Town Historian, Donna Lagoy 494-7983
Library 494-5384
Food Pantry 494-2433
Supervisor, Edna Frasier 543-6161 ext. 12
Deputy Supervisor, Mark Martucci 543-6161 ext. 15
Town Clerk/Collector/Registrar/RMO, Deborah F. Manning 543-6161 ext. 13
School Tax Collector, Jean McKee 585-2670
Town Justice, Leslie R. Midgley 543-6161 ext. 18
Attorney for Town, Dominick Viscardi 585-6737
Assessor, David Martucci 543-6161 ext. 19
Assessor Clerk, Barbara Mizer 543-6161 ext. 23
Superintendent of Highways, Donald Smith 543-6500
Town Council
Steven Ramant 543-6161
Martin Fitzgerald II 543-6161
Rudolph T. Meola 543-6161
Mark Martucci 543-6161
Zoning Administrator, Catherine Clark 543-6161 ext. 14
Zoning Board of Appeals Chairman, Robert Goetsch 543-6161
Planning Board Chairman, Richard Frasier 543-6161
Animal Control Officer, Daniel Steitz 543-0014
Food Pantry, Lindsay Mydlarz 543-6161 ext. 22
Town Historian, Gerald T. Crammond 543-6161
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator, Paul Belden 543-8862
Supervisor, Ralph W. Bentley 494-3647
Deputy Supervisor, Frank Hill 494-2056
Secretary to Supervisor, Dawn Higgins 494-3647
Town Clerk/Tax Collector, Krista Wood 494-4643
Town Council
Robert Olson 494-7390
Kenneth Higgins 494-3687
Frank Hill 494-2056
Matthew Simpson 494-2416
Attorney for Town, Mark Schachner 793-6611
Town Justice, John Stevens 494-7958
Justice Clerk, Karen Burka 494-7958
Superintendent of Highways, Paul Smith 494-2115
Assessor, Paul Manicek 494-4198
Zoning Administrator, James Steen 494-4245
Zoning Board of Appeals Chairman, Gary Frenz 494-4245
Planning Board Chairman, Harry Balz 494-4245
Board of Assessment Review Chairman, Laurie Hughes 494-3647
Animal Control Officer, Darien Granger 494-9675
Town Historian, Colleen Murtagh 494-4359
Ronald G. Vanselow 251-2421 ext. 23
Deputy Supervisor, Eugene Arsenault 251-2421
Town Clerk - Collector, Jo Ann Smith 251-2421 ext. 28
Deputy Clerk, Joann Morehouse 251-2421 ext. 28
Town Justice, Vincent Schiavone 251-5120
Attorney for Town, Matthew Fuller 668-2199
Superintendent of Highways, Dan Hitchcock 251-2113; 251-5913
North Creek Water Department 251-2421
Town Council
Peter Olesheski 251-3742
Arnold Stevens 251-3371
Katharine Nightingale 251-2005
Eugene Arsenault 251-2602
Assessor, Christian Holt 251-2421 ext. 25
Zoning Enforcement Officer, Danae Tucker 251-2421 ext. 27
Planning Board & Zoning Board 251-2421 ext. 22
Board of Assessment Review Chairman 251-5559 ext. 25
Transfer Station 251-2742
Animal Control Officer, William Mosher 251-4423
Town Historian, Jo Ann Smith 251-2421 ext. 26
Library 251-4343
Lake George
Supervisor, Dennis Dickinson 668-5722
Comptroller, Wendy Baird 668-5722
Town Clerk/Receiver of Taxes and Assessments, Debra Foley 668-5722
Deputy Clerks, Janee Dorman 668-5722
Town Justices, Brian Reichenbach and Michael E. Stafford 668-5722
Justice Clerks
Carolyn Hughes 668-5722
Nancy Earl 668-5722
Fax 668-5420
Attorney for Town, Robert Hafner 793-6611
Town Council
Dennis Dickinson 668-5722
Vincent Crocitto 668-5722
Marissa Muratori 668-5722
Daniel Hurley 668-5722
Fran Heinrich 668-5722
Assessor, David Rosebrook 668-5722
Planning Board Chairman, Keith Hanchett 668-5722
Board of Assessment Review Chairman 668-5722
Zoning Enforcement Officer, Robert Hickey 668-5722
Zoning Board of Appeals Chairman, Whitney Russell 668-5722
Animal Control Officer, George Schuster 668-2020
Town Historian, Margaret Edwards 668-3043
Highway Superintendent, Dan Davis 668-2742
Buildings and Grounds Department, James Martino 668-0034
Transfer Station 668-2963
Lake Luzerne
Supervisor, Eugene J. Merlino 696-2711 Ext. 3
Deputy Supervisor, Daniel Waterhouse 696-3011
Town Clerk and Collector, Cynthia L. Sherwood 696-2711 Ext. 1
Bookkeeper/Payroll Clerk, Linda L. Mason 696-2711 Ext. 2
Town Justices
Rodney W. Johnson 696-4294
Bruce Hayes 696-4509
Town Council
Glenn Trackey 654-7071
Thomas Diehl 696-2430
Anthony Cirillo 696-3079
Daniel Waterhouse 696-3011
Attorney for the Town, Robert Regan 321-6071
Superintendent of Highways/Water Superintendent, Ron Deuel 696-3071
Deputy Highway Superintendent, James Tubbs 696-3071
Assessor, Deanne Rehm 696-2711 Ext. 5
Zoning Administrator, Allen R. Saheim 696-2711 Ext. 4
Zoning Board of Appeals Chairman, Stanley Goldberg 696-2522
Planning Board Chairman, Jack Fazio 696-3289
Board of Assessment Review, Pamela Betteys 696-5804
Animal Control Officer, Connie Boutelle 696-5016
Town Historian, Beatrice Evens 696-2324
Buildings & Grounds Superintendent, Glen Shiel 696-2711
Supervisor, Ronald S. Montesi 761-8230
Deputy Supervisor, John Strough 793-4695
Secretary to Supervisor, Victoria LaMarque 761-8229
Budget Officer, Barb Tierney 761-8240
Town Clerk/Receiver of Taxes and Assessments, Darleen M. Dougher 761-8234
Deputy Clerks
Karen O'Brien 761-8236
Rose Mellon 761-8235
Zoning Administrator, Craig Brown 761-8218
Senior Planner, Stuart Baker 761-8222
Town Justices
Michael Muller 745-5775
Robert McNally 745-5774
Court Clerk
Kerrie Hatin 745-5571; 745-5572
Peggy Quintal 745-5572
Diane VonBraun 745-5573
Attorney for Town, Robert Hafner 793-6611
Town Council
Anthony Metivier, 1st Ward 743-0023
John Strough, 3rd Ward 798-9696
Tim Brewer, 4th Ward 793-4695
Assessor, Teri Ross 761-8243
Board of Assessment Review Chairman, Paul Davidson 761-8244
Zoning Board of Appeals Chairman 761-8238
Planning Board Chairman, Chris Hunsinger 761-8220
Director of Building & Code Enforcement, David Hatin 761-8253
Fire Marshal
Mike Palmer 761-8206
Gary Stillman 761-8205
Director of Water, Bruce Ostrander 745-5580
Director of Wastewater, Mike Shaw 745-5589
Superintendent of Highways, Michael Travis 761-8212
Transfer Stations
Ridge Road 745-4479
Luzerne Road 745-4478
Director of Parks and Recreation, Steve Lovering 761-8215
Animal Control Officer, Jim Fitzgerald 761-8202
Town Historian, Marilyn VanDyke 761-8252
Pine View Cemetery, Mike Genier 745-4476
Stony Creek
Supervisor, Frank E. Thomas 696-3575 ext. 302
Supervisor’s Secretary/Bookkeeper, Ronda Thomas 696-3575 ext. 300
Deputy Supervisor, Harry Paul Gill 321-5652
Town Clerk, Susan Harrington 696-3575 ext. 301
Deputy Clerk, Amy Harrington 696-3226
Town Council
Harry Paul Gill 321-5652
Nathan Thomas 696-3092
Doreen Ryan 696-2433
John D. Thomas 696-2354
Town Justice, Warren F. Law 696-3575 ext. 304
Court Clerk, Darcey Hastings 696-3575 ext. 304
Attorney for Town
James Cooper 623-9583
Fax 623-3299
Superintendent of Highways, Neil Bradley 696-5868
Tax Collector, Anita Braman 696-2397
Peter LaGrasse, Chairman 696-3575 ext. 305
Carl Thomas 696-4090
Zachary Thomas 696-3200
Recycling Center 696-5602
Dog Control Officer, Maxine Zwartkay 696-5991
Town Historian, Cynthia Cameron 696-2838
Supervisor, Evelyn Wood 623-9649
Deputy Supervisor, Al Vasak 623-9669
Secretary to Supervisor, Lestor Losaw 623-9649
Town Clerk, Cynthia Hyde 623-4588
Tax Collector, Michelle Pryblyski 623-2421
Town Justice, Sheila Flanagan 623-9660
Justice Clerk, Joanna Cummings 623-9660
Town Council
Al Vasak 623-9669
Rebecca Hitchcock 623-4024
Leon J. Galusha 623-2380
Gail Seaman 623-9868
Attorney for Town, Mark Schachner 793-6611
Thomas Birdsall, Chairman 623-4593
Fax 623-9730
Board of Assessment Review, Carolyn Grotevant 623-2284
Superintendent of Highways, Patrick S. Wood 623-9614
Town Historian, Joan Harris 623-2421
Animal Control Officer, Dexter Baker 623-9810
Supervisor, Kevin B. Geraghty 623-9511
Secretary to Supervisor, Sherryl Burdett 623-9511
Town Clerk/Collector, Donna Combs 623-4561
Town Justices, Mindy Fisk and Bryan Winslow 623-9776
Justice Clerk, Naomi H. Cooper 623-9776
Town Council
Linda Marcella 623-5030
Joyce Reed 623-2025
Bryan Rounds 744-7263
John Alexander 744-2084
Attorney for Town, Robert Hafner 793-6611
Assessor, Greg Klingler 623-3300
Superintendent of Highways, Edward Pennock 623-9522
Water Plant Operator, Thomas Belden 744-4612
Zoning Board of Appeals Chairman, James W. Cooper 623-2777
Planning Board Chairman, Shane Miller 623-9214
Code Enforcement and Building Permits, Christopher Belden 623-9214
Dog Control Officer, Brenda Barrett 538-3648
Town Historian, Sandi Parisi 623-5153
Warrensburg Health Center
3767 Main Street
Warrensburg, N.Y. 12885
Village of Lake George
Mayor, Robert M. Blais 668-5771
Deputy Mayor, John Earl 668-5771
Village Attorney, Howard Krantz 668-2199
Village Clerk/Treasurer, Darlene V. Gunther 668-5771
Village Trustees
Raymond Perry 668-0466
John Root 685-5110
John Earl 668-5144
Joseph Mastrodomenico 681-7968
Superintendent of Public Works, David Harrington, Jr. 668-4420
Waste Water Treatment Plant Chief Operator, Tim Shudt 668-2188
Enforcement Officer, Doug Frost 668-5771 Ext. 29
Zoning Board of Appeals Chairman, Ron Mogren 668-9623
Planning Board Chairman, Robert Mastrantoni 668-4894
Animal Control Officer, George Schuster 668-2020
Village Historian, Margaret Edwards 668-3043
City of Glens Falls
Mayor, John A. Diamond 761-3804
Assistant to Mayor, Mike Mender 761-3867
City Clerk, Robert A. Curtis 761-3800
Deputy Clerk, Noreen Dove 761-3802
City Judge, Richard P. Tarantino 798-4714
City Controller, Susanne Kasitch 761-3809; 761-3878
City Attorney, Ronald L. Newell 798-1758
Common Council
Council President, Dan Hall 745-0819
First Ward, Michael Busch 793-0031
Second Ward, Judy Villa-White 798-1985
Third Ward, Scott Watson 761-3093
Fourth Ward, James Brock 793-9071
Fifth Ward, Bennett Driscoll 798-3361
Assessor, Lauren Stack 761-3807
City Engineer, Steve Gurzler 761-3815 ext. 26
Code Enforcement Officer, John Ward 761-3810
Zoning Board of Appeals, Nikki J. Moneschi, Esq. 796-3992
Planning Board Chairman, Daniel Bruno 793-4191
Community Development/Economic Development, Edward M. Bartholomew Jr. 761-3833
Civic Center Exec. Director, Chris Lawrence 798-0366
Recreation Superintendent, Interim - Michael Mender 761-3867
Chief of Police, William Valenza 761-3847
Fire Chief (Interim), James P. Schrammel 761-3822
Animal Control Officer (SPCA of Upstate New York) 798-3500
City Historian, Wayne Wright 761-3800

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