Warren County GIS


Warren County's GIS database contains dozens of layers from a variety of sources, including the Census Bureau, the USGS, the Adirondack Park Agency, New York State Department of Transportation, and Warren County Soil and Water, to name a few. Warren County also creates and maintains its own data.

The information listed below is arranged to follow the categories from the New York State GIS Clearinghouse. Click on the Subcategory name to see the data layers available and background documentation. If the data set comes from another organization, a download link is provided when possible. All data created by Warren County must be requested via the Data Request Form or by contacting the Planning Department. Most layers can be displayed on a map, however.

Basemap Boundaries Environmental Aquifers
Cadastral Flood Zones
Elevation Geology
Geodetic Control Habitat
Hydrography Hazards
Planimetic Land Use / Land Cover
Transportation Soils
Cultural Education Watersheds
Empire Zones Wetlands
Historic Images Aerial Photography
Parks and Recreation Scanned Quadrangle Maps
Political Infrastructure Communications
Zoning Public Works
Demographic 1990 Census Special Districts
2000 Census Utilities
    Public Safety Emergency Services
    Law Enforcement
Planning Website
Warren County Website


  1. NYS Clearinghouse
  2. Cornell University

Warren County Planning and Community Development Department - GIS Program

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