Document Types

Adobe PDF files:

PDF files are opened with Adobe's Acrobat software. If you would like to open these files, you can download the free Acrobat Reader Software.

Plain Text files:

Plain text files can be opened by any text editing program, like Microsoft Notepad. Most browsers can also open plain text files, so these files may open in your browser window.

Microsoft Office files:

Microsoft Word .doc files, Microsoft Excel .xls files, and Microsoft PowerPoint .ppt files are all opened using Microsoft Office. You can find more information about Microsoft Office and related products at the Office homepage.

Corel WordPerfect Office files:

WordPerfect .wpd files, Quattro Pro .qpw files, and Presentation .shw files can all be opened with any version of WordPerfect Office greater than WordPerfect Office 7. You can find more information about WordPerfect at the WordPerfect Office homepage.

Open document format files:

Files with the open document format can be opened by any application that chooses to support the open document format. One of these applications that can be used for free is 2.0.