Instructions for Applying for a Public Defender or Assigned Counsel

9:00 A.M. To Noon Only

Eligibility for a Public Defender or Assigned Counsel is based upon Federal Poverty Guidelines. If you feel you would qualify, you must complete an application at the Assigned Counsel Office and provide all required documents.

The Assigned Counsel Office is located at the Warren County Municipal Center. Upon entering the complex turn left, drive past the County and Family Court parking areas and look for the sign that says Parking Lot #8 Assigned Counsel on your right. The entrance is marked “Assigned Counsel, Public Defender and Probation”, upon entering the guard will direct you.

You must bring identification and payroll stubs for; at least, the last four pay periods or a statement from your employer. Rent receipts and any other documents proving monthly expenses (electric bill, phone bill, car insurance etc.) must be provided. A copy of your Income Tax return or most recent W-2 must also be provided. If receiving unemployment, disability, pensions, Social Services benefits or Social Security benefits, proof of your grant must be provided. You must provide all Complaints, Charges, Summonses, Tickets, Supporting Depositions, Statements, Petitions and any other pertinent legal documents. If you have questions regarding what documents to bring with you please call 761-6460 for further instruction.

The Assigned Counsel Office is open for application purposes from 9 a.m. until 12 p.m. only, Monday through Friday, unless otherwise posted on the office door. An application will not be taken over the phone and cannot be mailed to the office or dropped off at the office by any other person. The person seeking the services of the Public Defender or Assigned Counsel must personally appear at the office to be interviewed and provide identification.

Client Forms and Applications

You can download forms and applications for the Assigned Counsel office here, but they must be filled out and returned to Assigned Counsel in person. Note: You cannot fill these forms out on your computer, you must print them and fill them out.

Document Help

Application for Counsel (Just Printable)

List of Documents Required to Complete Your Application (Just Printable)